Its interesting that I can make a post to a nearly defunct blog (I say nearly because I just can’t delete it…its MINE and I’m a digital packrat and you know, I could start writing again ANY TIME NOW) and immediately start collecting spam traffic. Does this page look Russian?

Dear Louis Michael Seidman

In regards to your recent op-ed in the New York Times, I would like to reply in a manner most suited to the intellectual quality of your argument:



You may also couple needlessly with a rolling doughnut. 

New site magic

Welp, new things are afoot. the urge to create is going stronger, so I’ll have to bow down and do something about that. So, what will be new?

First, this blog will remain. Yay.

A new site will come about as I design and add content, something I’ve always wanted to make because, well, because. It will be known as Nexus FTL Systems, where I will sell and repair faster than light drives from fiction. And real life. will get a reload and facelift, showing some of the various projects I’ve been working on as of late, and be a data repository of sorts. (Apparently some people are unhappy that I put a ssh based honeypot on here for fun. It is almost like people are insulted that I do so.)

Anyhow, the fiddling will commence.

My ess Q ellin

Tasks for today, load balance some mysql servers with a device that may or may not be up to the task. Should make for an interesting day. Some customers are starting to ask whether or not it will work properly, so I guess I should find out before people ask…and I can look like a complete genius with my authoritative sounding answers.

Observations on being sick

I really don't know how humanity survived the long dark period before the inventions of kleenex, dextromethorphan, and menthol extracts. Oxymetazoline has been helpful as well but I don't tend to use it so much because its a vasoconstrictor and I put a lot of effort into trying to keep my various blood vessels as open as possible.

Ever seen the chemical diagram for Afrin? It looks like martian road kill.

Sweet, magical Afrin

That's pretty much how I've fet for the past few days, splattered and splayed with a hydroxyl group hanging off my head. I've terrorized everyone with constant coughs and sneezes and its only now, some 72 hours after the height of infection, that my brain has come back online to some nominal level that can reason and solve problems intelligently. 

Anyway, I've been a vegetable for some time now and am gearing up to return to a sort of normal.


New install of wordpress, new server, managed by myself and nobody else. I plan to start writing something again, with pictures and diddly things and whatnot, and include a variety of other things, like graphs of all the Chinese hax0rs that are trying to gain access to this server, even though it is only a month old.

Eventually I’ll get my groove back…not sure I like this inline editor thingy, and I’ll need to add an app for my tablet to post from, and probably a lot of other things.

Anyway, not that anyone is reading yet, but let’s see how it goes.