Observations on being sick

I really don't know how humanity survived the long dark period before the inventions of kleenex, dextromethorphan, and menthol extracts. Oxymetazoline has been helpful as well but I don't tend to use it so much because its a vasoconstrictor and I put a lot of effort into trying to keep my various blood vessels as open as possible.

Ever seen the chemical diagram for Afrin? It looks like martian road kill.

Sweet, magical Afrin

That's pretty much how I've fet for the past few days, splattered and splayed with a hydroxyl group hanging off my head. I've terrorized everyone with constant coughs and sneezes and its only now, some 72 hours after the height of infection, that my brain has come back online to some nominal level that can reason and solve problems intelligently. 

Anyway, I've been a vegetable for some time now and am gearing up to return to a sort of normal.

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